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Schools can take an active stance on conservation.  By learning about the importance of plant and animal diversity and the way ecosystems work, children become catalysts for a better planet by:

  • Sharing their knowledge with friends and family
  • Becoming more conscious consumers
  • Understanding how events thousands of miles away affect them locally

Children don't have to wait to become adults before they can exert true influence on world affairs. They are currently one of the largest donor groups for Friends of Calakmul through fundraising in schools and communities. It is amazing how far each dollar a child raises can go! Only $18.00 USD can save thousands of plant and animal species living on a piece of land the size of a FOOTBALL FIELD!

Our School wants to donate!

Please send checks/money orders to:

Friends of Calakmul
20 Melrose Court
San Mateo, CA 94402

Contact us at: info@calakmul.org

We will send your class a beautiful certificate!


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