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Celebrate someone special by saving
a piece of rainforest in their name


Give a gift that conserves, rather than consumes.

Save one hectare (2.5 acres) of Jaguar habitat around the Calakmul Reserve in southern Mexico.

How your gift helps:
Jaguars have lost two-thirds of their original range in Mexico and Central America and one-third in South America. Unfortunately, as deforestation continues the jaguar population also continues to diminish. That's why Friends of Calakmul works in partnership with local community landowners to provide them with an economic alternative to logging, ranching and other activities that deplete the natural wealth of their land. Friends of Calakmul pays local community land owners for conserving their land. These community land owners are paid annual compensation in exchange for placing their land in the FOC land trust and protecting them.

Friends and family will be happy to know that a piece of rainforest and thousands of species are being saved in their name.

Click the button above to purchase a gift certificate for that someone special. The link will take you to paypal where you can purchase safely and securely. You MUST include the e-mail address as well as the full name of the recipient on the second Paypal page. That's how we know where to send the e-mail certificate.

We will send an E-Certificate to the recipient and an e-mail confirmation to you informing you that your order has been received. Please allow 2 to 3 days for the order to be processed and the recipient to receive the certificate.


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